Ultrasonic Level Flowmeter AUF790

Ultrasonic Level Flowmeter AUF790 suatu alat ukur yang diguanakan untuk mengukur laju air serta volume air pada jaringan perpipaan untuk melayani pemakai baik perorangan ataupun perusahaan dengan memperhatikan aspek teknis dan non teknis, sehingga masayarakat atau perusahaan dapat dengan mudah memperloeh air dalam jumlah tertentu, kwalitas sesuai dengan persayaratan air bagi kesehatan ataupun sesuai dengan kebutuhannya.


ALIASONIC Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter 
Model Ultrasonic Level Flowmeter AUF790 

General Ultrasonic Level Flowmeter AUF790 

ALIASONIC AUF790 Series is a fixed mounted, Open Channelultrasonic flowmeter, with clamp-on transducer
used for non-invasivemeasurement. Our microprocessor based, user friendly, field programmableflow
measurement technique allows no interruption of the process flowand has low installation costs


  • 4 line LCD display with flowrate, totalizer & Level condition
  • V-notch, rectangular with and without end contractions, Cipolletti.
  • Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, Leopold-Lagco, trapezoidal, H.
  •  A sampler relay will signal your sampler to collect flow proportion
  • High accuracy of +/-0.25% of Full Scale
  • Non-contact flow measurement
  • Exclusive sensor for open channel flow
  • Response time less than 1 second

Standard Specification 

  • Measuring Principle: Ultrasonic Sound
  • Measuring Range: level 0-3 Meter, flow rate : 0-120000 m3/s
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2% of Full Scale
  • Repeatability:+/-0.1% of reading
  • Material Ultrasonic Tube :ABS, Sensor Head:Polyurethane (Standard) / ETFE /PTFE 3W
    Housing:ABS (Separate Version), Low copper cast aluminum alloy with polyurethane (Compact Version)
  • Display:4 Line LCD with illumination Flowrate :9 digits with decimal point, Totalizer  : 9 digit, Level : 4 digits,
    Flow Engineer Unit:M3, Liter, Level:Meter / Feet, Time Unit : Second, Hour
    Other:Signal condition
  • Formula:V-notch, Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus , : rectangular, Cipolletti, Leopold-Lagco
  • Sensor Frequency:40KHz / 1KHz
  • Temp Compensation:Built-in to compensate over temperature range
  • Low Level Cutoff:0.000 ~ 1.000 Meter
  • Dead Band:0.35 M Max.
  • Bean Angle:6 °
  • Keypad:4 Key with tactile action
  • Response Time:Less than 1 second
  • Ambient Temperature:-20 ~ +60 °C
  • Max. Cable Length:50 M
  • Power Consumption:Less than 3W 
  • Power Supply : 90 ~ 260Vac, 50/60 Hz (4wires), : 18-36Vdc (4wires)
  • Data Storage:Operation parameters and totalization are stored by EEPROM for more 10 years


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