Jual water meter itron

Jual water meter itron

water meter itron flostar M is a water meter for Commercial and Industrial Billing application, featured with one of the largest measuring range, enabled by single jet technology. Outstanding capabilities to measure Low flows associated with great resistance at High flow measurement, makes this product unique and the best for datalogging and metering point analisys, delivering fair and reliable measurement.

Initially approved EEC 75/33/ISO4064-1:1993 Class C horizontal meter, the first in the category, Flostar M is also approved MID 2004/22/CE – MI 001.

In conformity with most of standards applicable for water meters, Flostar M is a world class meter. Adapted for severe environmental conditions, giving not only an initial excellent accuracy, but also the most stable accuracy over time among all water meters, Flostar M is the best solution for water metering in sizes DN40 up to DN150 (inclusive).

Flostar M is easily upgraded to a real intelligent meter, since it is pre-equipped to interface with any Itron’s AMR package.


Jual flow meter itron



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