Sering disebut solar meter yang banyak dipakai di dunia industri manufacture maupun transportasi. Untuk aplikasi didunia industry fuel oil meter banyak di aplikasikan untuk proses produksi steam pada boiler, pada termo oil yang menggunakan sistem burner, dan juga pada proses painting yang terdapat proses drying yang menggunakan burner dengan bahan bakar solar. Dan juga dipakai di utility penerangan yang mana memerlukan Genset.

Begitu juga untuk industry transportasi seperti pada pool atau pada SPBU Pertamina ataupun di galangan yang sering digunakan untuk repair kapal atau speed boat. Begitu luasnya penggunaan fuel flow meter untuk bahan bakar ini baik untuk bahan bakar kerosine, fuel oil, medium fuel oil bahkan heavy fuel oil, sehingga memaksa para pabrikan yang memproduksi fuel flow meter menciptakan berbagai jenis yang disesuaikan dengan aplikasi dilapangan.

Sedangkan jenis flow meter berdasarkan cara kerja fuel flow meter yang banyak beredar  adalah jenis Oval Gear, Rotary, Swirl, Screw, piston, vane dan lainnya.


S-fuel Hi-flo Meter (SHM)
Oil Flowmeter SHM

SHM Roots Flowmeter has high accuracy, good reliability, light weight, long life, and
easy installation.
SHM Roots Flowmeter display/register is both of resettable and totalizer for convenient
use, and it can be coupled with the control device to get remote measurement.

Application Flowmeter SHM
Petroleum, Transportation, Chemical, Food processing, Medicine, Palm Oil
Industry, etc

Specification Flowmeter SHM
– Working pressure(bar) :16 BAR
– Temperature(℃) :-10c~100c
– Accuracy grade :+/- 0.5%
– Counter Reading : Litre

Technical Information :
Body : Iron
Rotor : Aluminum
Cover : Iron
Shaft : Stainless steel
Bearing : Stainless steel

Flow meter installation


  • Flow meter should be installed after the filter, the two arrows pointing in the body on the line with the flow
  • If there is gas in the pipeline, flow meter should be installed after the gas separator
  • No matter pipe is installed vertically or horizontally, the waist bearings of flow meter installed into a
    horizontal position axle (the counter should be perpendicular to the ground)
  • Flow meter installed in the right circumstances, if difficult to see clearly, can be rotated 180 degrees to
    the counter, or 90 degrees
  • Throttle valve should be installed in the meter entrance, opening and closing valve installed in the exit of the
    use of open-close valve slowly to start, do not suddenly openvalve
  • The use of scan-line steam through the flowmeter prohibited
  • In the continuous use sector, need to add bypass pipe flow meter
  • Pre-installation flow meter, piping required to wash, rinse used straight pipe section (alternative flow meter
    position) to prevent the welding slag and debris from entering flow meter
  • Check water is strictly prohibited if cast iron, cast steel material ,
  • When using the flow meter,flow rate should not exceed the technical requirements. It is preferable to keep the
    flow at 70 %~ 80% of maximum flow
  • The use of scan-line steam through the flowmeter prohibited

Water Meter SHM



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