Rotary Gas Meter Cangnan

Rotary Gas Meter / Meter Gas Rotary
Dua impeler berputar yang ditempatkan saling berhadapan di dalam unit rumah
membentuk meter perpindahan putar. Impeler diposisikan sedemikian rupa sehingga
penampangnya tegak lurus terhadap sumbu putar, dan celah antara impeler dan rumah sangat kecil.
Jumlah gas dapat diukur secara langsung jika volume masing-masing ruang sudah diketahui.


Rotary Gas Meter Cangnan
CNIM-RM Series Rotary Gas Meter

I. Principle Rotary Gas Meter Cangnan

Rotary Gas Meter composes of sensor and reading unit ( volume correction instrument )
it is a positive displacement type of meter, passing pre-determined volumes of gas by means
of two counter-rotating impellers. Four times per each revolution a fixed unit of volume is displaced
through the measurement chambers. The flowing gas volume is proportional with the number of revolution of the output.
The output of this model rotary gas meter is a special designed magnetic coupling where one part is fitted
inside the meter body and the associated part is in the read-out unit.
The read-out unit can either be a mechanical index or an electronic index with or without colume conversation
and communication functions.

II Advantage Rotary Gas Meter Cangnan

  • The Shape of the meter body, the square shape of the impellers, the rigid supporting front plate,
    rotating spindle and bearing makes this meter fully insentive for pipe – line stresses caused by misalignments
  • The unique symmetrical shape of the impeller allows the maximum amount of gas to be pased with minimum
    leakage and since the width of the impeller tip is at least two times larger than conventional impeller tips. The
    unregistered leakage through the meter is significantly reduced resulting in an enlarged turn – down – ratio.
  • The bearings are placed on the outside of the timing gears, which allows the connection between the impellers
    and the timing gears to be much stronger than conventional types of rotor meter. All the major parts are can be replaced
    on-site without special tools.
  • With the single -ended synchronous transmisions, shorthen the length of the meter body, save the installation space,
    make it easy forĀ  users to use and maintain.
  • Interoperable and interchangeable special modular contructions index, with several pulse output and protection
    function, also can reduce the stock cost.

Rotary Meter Delta ItronGas


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