Jual Gas Meter Landis Gyr Model 750HP


General Details :

The Model 1010 is designed for large domestic or light commercial applications. Utilising the compact BK-G6 module it provides a designed capacity of 10 m³/h of natural gas at 125 Pa pressure drop (Natural Gas specific gravity 0.62).

Construction :

The Model 1010 is designed for extreme weather conditions having a fully sealed hydrophilic coated UV stabilised index, die cast aluminium housing which is Alodine surface pre-treated followed by baked Woodland Grey polyester powder coat.

Accuracy :

The outstanding design features of the Model 1010 gas meter such as the tangent control, large cyclic capacity and magnetic drive index provide unparalleled accuracy. Our calibration and test facilities are accredited to ISO/ IEC 17025.

Model 1010 Specifications :

Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, LPG and inert gases. For other gases please consult Landis+Gyr.

Temperature Range –10 °C to +65 °C.

Cyclic Capacity 0.002 cubic metres (2 litres)

Working Pressure Refer to meter index badge

Index Drive Magnetically driven index ensuring low mechanical wear.

Anti–Fog hydrophilic coated 8 digit index 5 whole cubic meters (white numbers on black wheels) and 3 decimal places (white numbers on red wheels).

Threads : Meter boss threads vertical inlet/outlet 10 Light 1” to BS746 1987 at 152mm ( 6” ) centres. 1” 10 Lt. to 3/4” BSP Cap Nut and Liner set available (part number SK5).

Case Construction Pressure die cast aluminium. Weight 2.80 kg

Pulse Output Ready All meters are fitted with a magnet in the far right index wheel and hence each meter is pulse retro fittable in the field 1 pulse / 10 lts.





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