Gas Meter Sensus

Pengukur gas ini memiliki empat ruang pengukuran yang dihubungkan bersama untuk membentuk unit yang dipisahkan oleh diafragma dan dinding yang dapat dideformasi.

Diafragma ini terhubung melalui piston yang berputar. Jumlah gas yang melewati diafragma meter dapat langsung diukur jika volume masing-masing ruang sudah diketahui.

Pengukur diafragma juga dapat digunakan dengan generator pulsa untuk menyediakan pembacaan meter. Namun, kebocoran dari bagian yang bergerak dan diafragma adalah penyebab utama kesalahan pengukuran saat menggunakan pengukur diafragma.

Diaphragm gas meter memiliki kelebihan :
1. Akurasi yang tinggi
2. Harga yang ekonomis
3. Masa pakai yang cukup panjang.


About Gas Meter Sensus Metering Systems

Quality is a philosophy–an attitude at Sensus Metering Systems. We take pride in our craftsmanship;
and through a team effort we construct top quality for our customers.
Active Engineering and Research and Development Groups utilize state-of-the-art computer aided engineering
and diagnostic equipment to design and produce gas metering products to meet the uncompromising demands
of today’s gas industry. This special balance of philosophy, attitude, dedicated workers and modern equipment
assures that quality and performance have been skillfully designed into every product.
In our advanced proving room, every Sensus gas metering product is inspected and proved to be accurate.
Sensus products are built with our reputation at stake; a reputation founded on years of experience, earned by
the pride and skills of hundreds of dedicated professionals and backed by sophisticated Quality Assurance
instrumentation used at critical points throughout the manufacturing process.

Design Features Gas Meter Sensus

  1. Temperature Compensation Element – a design with increased strength to
    minimize deflection from valve drag, the TC element is more rugged and
    linear in movement, thus, more accurate in compensation.
  2. Crank Bracket – a simplified multipurpose design incorporating internal
    valve guides and index shaft support. Fine tolerance, attained through
    precision molding, provides accurate positioning of the crank support.
    Low friction polymer eliminates the need for lubrication.
  3. Valve Seat – close tolerances achieved through molded phenolic construction
    minimize seat wear while providing a much smoother operation with a
    significantly lower differential. Incorporates easily installed external valve guides.

Flow meter gas sensus


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