Flowmeter Tokico FGBB631 04X

Sering disebut solar meter yang banyak dipakai di dunia industri manufacture maupun transportasi. Untuk aplikasi didunia industry fuel oil meter banyak di aplikasikan untuk proses produksi steam pada boiler, pada termo oil yang menggunakan sistem burner, dan juga pada proses painting yang terdapat proses drying yang menggunakan burner dengan bahan bakar solar. Dan juga dipakai di utility penerangan yang mana memerlukan Genset.

Begitu juga untuk industry transportasi seperti pada pool atau pada SPBU Pertamina ataupun di galangan yang sering digunakan untuk repair kapal atau speed boat. Begitu luasnya penggunaan fuel flow meter untuk bahan bakar ini baik untuk bahan bakar kerosine, fuel oil, medium fuel oil bahkan heavy fuel oil, sehingga memaksa para pabrikan yang memproduksi fuel flow meter menciptakan berbagai jenis yang disesuaikan dengan aplikasi dilapangan.

Sedangkan jenis flow meter berdasarkan cara kerja fuel flow meter yang banyak beredar   adalah jenis Oval Gear, Rotary, Swirl, Screw, piston, vane dan lainnya.


Flow Meter Tokico
Positive Displacement Oil Flowmeters (Mechanical Indicator Type)
Flowmeter Tokico FGBB631 04X

TOKICO has a long history of producing high quality fl ow meters since 1950 in the fuel measurement fi eld. Our
fl owmeters are used in a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as
for transactions for kerosene, light oil and heavy oil. We have been serving numerous customers with accurate,
compact, and excellent durability fl owmeters. Flowmeter Tokico FGBB631 04X

Features Flow Meter Tokico

  • High accuracy
    Accuracy is within ±0.5%
    Fluid is directly measured by gear or roots, enabling accurate measuring.
  • Compact design
    The fl owmeter is compactly designed, yet the indicator is easy to read.
  • Excellent durability
    Simple structure enables long term durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy.

Strainers must be used together with fl owmeters.
We have various sizes to suit all fl owmeters.

Precautions on piping and operation
(1) Dirt and particles inside the piping cause problem to the fl owmeter. Take special care when installing to new
piping, since new piping may have welding debris.
(2) A strainer must be installed at the up-stream of the fl owmeter, as shown in below fi gure. This is to prevent the
problem stated in (1) above. Also, prepare a by-pass line for the convenience of fl owmeter disassembly and
(3) Indicator must be installed at eye level and must not face upwards.
(4) Make sure to align actual fl ow direction with fl owmeter’s fl ow direction.
(5) Use the fl owmeter within the specifi cation written on the name plate.


Please inform us the following when quotation is necessary.
1 Application Poduction control, transaction, receipt and shipment, etc.
2 Fluid Name, composition, corrosive or not
3 Flow rate Maximum, normal, minimum
4 Fluid temperature Maximum, normal, minimum
5 Fluid pressure Maximum, normal, minimum
6 Viscosity and specifi c gravity Viscosity at ℃ , Specifi c gravity at ℃
7 Connection rating Connection size, fl ange standard, etc.
8 Flow direction Left ⇒ Right, Right ⇒ Left, Bottom ⇒ Top, Top ⇒ Bottom

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