Flowmeter Super Rite 800C

Sering disebut solar meter yang banyak dipakai di dunia industri manufacture maupun transportasi. Untuk aplikasi didunia industry fuel oil meter banyak di aplikasikan untuk proses produksi steam pada boiler, pada termo oil yang menggunakan sistem burner, dan juga pada proses painting yang terdapat proses drying yang menggunakan burner dengan bahan bakar solar. Dan juga dipakai di utility penerangan yang mana memerlukan Genset.

Begitu juga untuk industry transportasi seperti pada pool atau pada SPBU Pertamina ataupun di galangan yang sering digunakan untuk repair kapal atau speed boat. Begitu luasnya penggunaan fuel flow meter untuk bahan bakar ini baik untuk bahan bakar kerosine, fuel oil, medium fuel oil bahkan heavy fuel oil, sehingga memaksa para pabrikan yang memproduksi fuel flow meter menciptakan berbagai jenis yang disesuaikan dengan aplikasi dilapangan.

Sedangkan jenis flow meter berdasarkan cara kerja fuel flow meter yang banyak beredar   adalah jenis Oval Gear, Rotary, Swirl, Screw, piston, vane dan lainnya.


Safety Instructions Flow Meter Fill Rite
Flowmeter Super Rite 800C

To ensure safe and efficient operation, it is essential to read
each of these warnings and precautions, and to follow all
instructions listed in this manual.
1. Improper use or installation of this product can cause
serious bodily injury or death.
2. DO NOT smoke near meter or use meter near an open flame
when dispensing flammable fluids. Fire could result.
3. Do not exceed 50 PSI / 3.5 BARS line pressure.
4. CAUTION: Do not install additional foot valve or check valve
during installation without pressure relief valve. Cracking
may result.
5. This product should not be used for fluid transfer into aircraft.
6. This product is not suited for use with fluids for human
consumption, including potable water.

Installation Flow Meter Fill Rite

Meters are furnished for horizontal piping, left to right flow,
unless otherwise specified. Use oil and gasoline resistant
pipe compound on all threaded joints. Flow ports can be
located in any of four positions for horizontal or vertical piping.
1. If fluid flow is left to right, install meter.
2. If fluid flow is other than left to right, determine direction of fluid
3. Lay meter dial face down on a clean flat surface.
4. Arrow mark on meter housing indicates fluid flow direction.
5. Remove four screws (item 20).
6. Lift meter housing (item 19) and chamber assembly (item
26) and rotate together to desired flow direction.
CAUTION: Chamber opening must face towards inlet port of
7. Replace four screws (item 20).
8. Install meter.


The Fill-Rite Series 800C meters can be calibrated for either U.S.
gallons or liters. Calibration is required after disassembly, when
metering a different fluid, or after significant wear. Depending on
the model, Series 800C meters are factory calibrated in either
U.S. gallons or liters using mineral spirits.
Meter calibration can be easily changed by using the calibration
procedure noted. A container of KNOWN volume will be needed
for the calibration procedure. It is recommended that the
container’s volume be at least five gallons or larger. Flowmeter Super Rite 800C

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