Water Hammer Arrester Mooha

Water Hammer Arrester Mooha adalah Water Hammer Arrester Mooha yang memiliki
kwalitas yang cukup bagus, Water Hammer Arrester Mooha terbuat dari material
yang sudah teruji Water Hammer Arrester Mooha untuk melayani pemakai baik
perorangan ataupun perusahaan dengan memperhatikan aspek
teknis dan non teknis, kwalitas sesuai dengan persayaratan.


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Water Hammer Arrester Mooha that smoothly absorbs and eases the water hammer.

Feature Water Hammer Arrester Mooha
Water hammer absorption
It can be directly connected in the piping that is different from the accumulator type.
It has excellent water hammer abosorption effect without inhibiting the fluid flo.

Easy Installation 
It can be installed easily and freely even in a narrow space.please choose a direction for installation according to the site

Operating Conditions and perfomance
maximum allowable working pressure : 1.6 MPa {16.3kgf/cm²} and below
maximum operating temperature : 60 and below
•Before using, check that the maximum working pressure and temperature are within the working range.

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