volume converter gas itron corus ptz

Overall Accuracy of the
C Factor
Maximum Error < 0.5 % - Typical Error < 0.2%
Conversion Range Pressure: 0.9 bar to 80 bar - Temperature: according Z formula
Power Supply Battery or external (through Ex module)
Autonomy 5 years (battery version) in typical conditions
Ambient Temperature
-25° C to +55° C
Enclosure IP65 polycarbonate box
Volume Input LF input (2 Hz max); Reed switch type or Cyble® sensor ATEX module
Second input for coherence function
Temperature Sensor PT1000 class A; 4 wires
Pressure Sensor
[0.9 /10] bara, [3 /30] bara and [7.2 /80] bara
(gauge pressure sensors available on request)
Pressure Sensor Type Piezo-resistive sensor
Outputs 2 Channels fully configurable as pulse, alarm or 4/20 mA*
User Interface Graphic display + 5 button keyboard
Communication Optical serial port and RS232 serial port
Metrol. Cables Length
(P, T, LF)
2.5 m
Option Internal “Ex” PSTN modem (V32bis)
RS-485 dual port board
P2 second pressure input board


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