Jual Gas Regulator Warmflow


Pressurecontrolforprotectionofpublicbuildings,schools,theaters,hospitals etc. Installingthiskindofregulatorsprovidesautomaticprotectionagainstpossible extremevariationsineitherinletoroutletgas pressure.

Technical Data :

Gas type: Gases of three families: manufactured gas (town gas); natural gase (group H methane); liquefied petroleum gas, (LPG); non-aggressive gas.

Operational pressure range:

Max. Inlet: 8bar Outlet Pressure range: 15 to 80 mbar

Working temperature range:-15°C–+60°C

Valve Body:Aluminium alloy Seals: NBR

Operation: By tensioning the spring, without auxiliary energy.

compensation of inlet pressure, standard-supply safety diaphragm, internal pipe impulse.



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