Jual Regulator Gas Elster 1800B2 and 1800B2 HC Series



The 1800B2 Series pressure regulators are designed to control natural gas, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, propane vapor, and other non-corrosive gases in residential, light commercial, and small industrial applications.

General Information.

Outlet pressures between 3.5″ W.C. and 2 PSIG are available. Operating temperature range is -20°F to 150°F (-30°C to 65°C). Maximum flow rate  is 2500 SCFH (70.8 m3/h). All models conform to ANSI Code B109. 4-1998, and CGA Service-Type Regulator Specification CAN/CGA-6.18-M95.

Features :

• Variety of interchangeable orifices   and spring ranges

• 90 Degree (Right Angle), 180 Degree (Straight-Flow), or Offset Valve Body (See photo on next page)

• Wide range of valve body   connection sizes



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