Double Selenoid Valve DUNGS Type DMV-D 5040/11

Solenoid valve atau katup solenoid merupakan komponen tambahan pada mobil bertransmisi otomatis. Komponen ini dipasang pada bagian body valve. Seperti namanya, solenoid valve bekerja sebagai katup untuk mengendalikan aliran oli yang menuju body valve


Double Selenoid Valve DUNGS Type DMV-D 5040/11

Description Double Selenoid Valve DUNGS Type DMV-D 5040/11

Double solenoid valve
Rp 2 (DN 50)
DN 65 – DN 125
nominal diameters
DMV/11 eco
DMV-D/11 eco
DMV-DLE/11 eco

Technical description 
The DUNGS double solenoid valve DMV
integrates two solenoid valves in one
compact fitting.
Automatic shut-off valves as per DIN EN 161
Class A Group 2.
Two A valves in one housing
Double seat valves
High flow rates
Max. operating pressure up to 0.5 bar
(50 kPa)
Fast closing
Fast opening
(DMV/11 eco, DMV-D/11 eco)
Adjustable main volume (DMV-D/11 eco,
DMV-DLE/11 eco)
DC solenoid
Low electric power consumption through
power switching
Mountable closed position signal contact
Compact, light-weight

Application Double Selenoid Valve DMV525/12 DUNGS
Double solenoid valves are used where two
single valves were mounted previously. In
connection with DUNGS gas regulators and
additional components, a wide variety of
regulating tasks can be performed.
It does not contain any non-ferrous metals,
suitable for gases of up to max. 0.1 vol.%
H2S, dry. Suitable for gases of families 1, 2,
3 and other neutral gaseous media.
EC type test approval as per EC Gas Appliance
DMV-…525-5125/11 eco CE-0085 AN 2801
EC type test approval as per EC Pressure
Equipment Directive:
DMV-…525-5125/11 eco CE0036
Approvals in other important gas consuming

Nominal diameters
DN 65 80 100 125
Connection flange as per DIN 2501 Part 1, to fit preweld flanges as per DIN 2633
(PN 16) DN 65 to DN 125, ISO 7005 – 1 (PN 16), ISO 7005 – 2 (PN 16)
Construction length as per DIN 3202 Part 1, row F1 for DN 65 to DN 125

Double Selenoid Valve DUNGS Type DMV-D 5080/11-230V


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