Jual Centrifuge IEC HNS 2 Benchtop


Harga Centrifuge IEC HNS 2 Benchtop


The Damon IEC HN-SII is a centrifuge that offers superior performance to satisfy all centrifugal testing needs. Virtually a standard in every laboratory in the world, the IEC HN-SII has proven reliability and unparalleled versatility making it the best value available for routine bench centrifugation.


  • Maximum Speed with Fixed Angle Rotor4900 rpm (2750g)
  • Maximum Speed with Swinging Bucket Rotor4150 rpm (2250g)
  • Maximum Volume with Fixed Angle684 ml
  • Maximum Volume with Swinging Bucket Rotor456 ml
  • Electric Time2 to 60 min.
  • Brake RateHalf of coast time
  • Chamber Diameter16.5 in.


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